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what we do for you...

Whether you're in need of a Web site, a logo, or promotional materials, Grow Communication can help create a distinctive identity for you or your business. We provide the following services:

Web design: Creating a clean and attractive look and feel.
Architecture: Enhancing the user experience by optimizing information structure, layout, and navigation. Creating wireframes to demonstrate page design, site hierarchy, content flow, and user interaction.
Web content: Designing, writing, and editing compelling content for Web sites and promotional materials.
Identity: Defining and developing your image and message.
Graphics: Selecting or creating appropriate images for Web and print; logo design. digital photography and videography.
Multimedia: Digital photography and videography; non-linear video editing.
Image optimization: Reducing size and download time of images for Web use.
Usability: Ensuring browser and platform compatibility, Web-safe color palette, and accessibility.
Publishing: Helping you find a Web-hosting service and establish administration and maintenance procedures.
Writing, editing, and producing user guides, quick references, and online help.

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